best and effective home remedies for ear mites in cats


Best and Effective Home Remedies for Ear Mites in Cats

July 11, 2016

Ear mites in cats, even though is not lethal, but still harmful because it is highly contagious and can easily contaminate the other pets in the house. Ear mites are caused by microscopic parasites, and there are two species which can commonly infect cats; otodectes and notoedres.

The Symptoms

symptoms, ear mites in cats


There are several obvious symptoms of cats infected by ear mites. The most common one is excessive scratching in ear area, unpleasant odor from the ear, excessive shaking head, white dots inside the ears, and dried blood inside the ear canal.

If you suspect your cat infected by ear mites, you have to be really sure it is caused by ear mites to make the treatment more effective. Thus, it’s important to get verified by the vet, whether you cat has ear mites or not.

Home Remedies

home remedies, ear mites in cats


Even though there are various over the counter products, but some cat owners prefer using home remedies and natural treatment to kill ear mites. This is because the active ingredient of the ear mites killer products contain pyrethrin, and some cats are over sensitive to pyrethrin.

Instead of getting cured, pyrethrin will bring out further problems to your cat, and it will give no improvement at all if you use that as a treatment. So, natural treatment can be the best solution. Here are home remedies for ear mites in cats.

Miticide ear drops can be helpful in this situation. You just have to drip the ear drops into the ear canal of your cat and massage the base of your cat’s ear to make sure the medication can seep perfectly to the skin and kill the ear mites instantly.

Yellow root extract is also found useful. Even though this method is less effective compared to miticide ear mites, but natural ingredient will give less or even zero risk to the cat. The extract should be applied to the ear canal everyday.

Using mineral oil in this case is also a good alternative. Even though some cat owners using mineral oil as an ear cleaner before killing the ear mites, this oil can act as both the cleaner and the killer. It’s because mineral oil could drown the mites, so they would instantly die because lack of air. This is why most cat owners find it efficient, you can both clean and kill at the same time.

Another option for home remedies for ear mites in cats is using olive oil. You just have to heat the olive oil in the stove, and let it cool down for a while. If it’s warm enough to be applied to the skin, drip several drops to your cat’s ear.

To double the effect, you can also use garlic. Take 4 cloves of garlic, then crunch it. Let the crunched garlic soaked into a glass of olive oil overnight. In the next morning, remove the garlic and heat the olive oil (not until boiled). Once it’s warm enough to your skin, drip several drops to your cat’s ear canal.

Treat your cat everyday until a week, or at least until you see a good improvement. Don’t forget to repeat the treatment once in a week to prevent future reinfection.

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