best flea treatment for cats using medication


Best Flea Treatment for Cats Using Medication

July 4, 2016

Sometimes, the best flea treatment for cats is chemical medication, because the substance contained will instantly kill the fleas. In most cases, it takes only one attempt before the fleas gone for good. It’s the reason why people choose chemical medication out of natural treatments.

It doesn’t mean that natural treatment is not good, but if you don’t have much patience, it’s recommended to use chemical medication instead. Sure, natural treatment will do, but it takes several attempts, or at least one week, before the fleas completely gone forever.

Here are some top best flea treatment for cats which will kill the fleas instantly.

Once you are sure the fleas are gone for good, it’s important to clean the bedding and your entire house, especially the resting spots of your cat as well. Vacuuming carpets, rugs, and sofas, are highly recommended. Spraying or sprinkling every nook and crevice with DE is also advisable.

Don’t forget to wash the bedding and bed sheet as well with hot water. To double the effect, mix the hot water with lemon juice. If the bedding is highly infested, it’s better to throw it away though. Isolate your cleaned-already cat from its old bedding and resting spots until you’re sure they’re clean enough.

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