can gingivitis be cured, find the answer here


Can Gingivitis Be Cured? Find the Answer Here

July 19, 2016

Can gingivitis be cured? This is probably a question you ask yourself if you are worried about your cat suffering severely from gingivitis.

Whether or not gingivitis can be cured is of course still something many people can’t provide a clear answer to. However, it’s true that there are various treatments that can be used to treat gingivitis in cats.

Treatments for Gingivitis in Cats

treatments for gingivitis in cats


The treatments for gingivitis in cats can vary. The treatments depend on how far advanced a cat’s gingivitis is. For example, an early case of gingivitis that has not progressed far can probably still be treated with dental cleaning done regularly at home. However, if the gingivitis is severe, a veterinarian’s help might be needed.

The treatments that a veterinarian might do can include de-scaling. The purpose of de-scaling is to remove tartar build up. Note that cats are actually experts at masking pain and discomfort.

Many pet owners don’t notice that their beloved cats actually have problems. This can be a good reason for why a regular check up, maybe annually, with a veterinarian is something very important.

Always remember that even if you believe that your feline friend is in a good condition, a thorough physical can actually uncover problems in early stages.

Note that if it’s immediately addressed, gingivitis is actually reversible. However, if it’s left to progress and turn into periodontal disease, the damage it causes may be irreversible.

Another treatment a veterinarian might do is giving antibiotics to your cat. Gingivitis can be cured by antibiotics during certain circumstances and if your cat is under conditions that make him or her need antibiotics, your veterinarian might give antibiotics to him or her.

Antibiotics are not the only things your veterinarian might give to your cat.

Aside from antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs are also among the things a veterinarian might give to a cat that suffers from gingivitis. Prednisone is one of the examples of anti-inflammatory drugs a veterinarian might give to a cat with gingivitis.

Things a Veterinarian Might Do to Treat Feline Gingivitis

things a veterinarian might do to treat feline gingivitis


In addition to the varied things mentioned earlier, another thing a veterinarian might do to treat gingivitis in cats is using interferon and or other immune modulators.

Interferon can help a lot in some cases and it’s very likely that a veterinarian might use it when the situation calls. Of course, using it is not the last thing a veterinarian might do to treat feline gingivitis.

Another thing a veterinarian might do is regularly de-scaling your cat. If your cat suffers from gingivitis and you bring it to a veterinarian, the veterinarian in question has de-scaling your cat regularly among his or her options. De-scaling a cat regularly is not the last method of treating gingivitis in felines, of course.

Another thing a veterinarian might do is performing diligent dental care at your home. The dental care performed is brushing your cat’s teeth regularly. Those are a number of treatments that can be done to treat gingivitis in cats that you have to write down if you want to know how feline gingivitis is treated.

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