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Can Humans Get Worms from Cats? Find Out Here

July 16, 2016

There’s a question people who have cats and care a lot about their health would ask and here it is: Can humans get worms from cats? Well, humans can catch worms from their cats. However, you need to know more than just whether humans can catch worms from their cats or not. You need to know how to prevent worms from infecting you when you have cats.

Cats that play outdoor can be infected with parasites easily just by exposing themselves to pests or other cats’ feces. That is why worming is important. Not all parasites or worms give visible infection evidence, though, and that’s why it’s important to know what might be lurking inside and outside your homes to make sure your cats are safe from parasites or worms.

How Do Humans Catch Worms from Cats?

how do humans catch worms from cats


Humans can catch worms from cats through various ways. Humans can catch worms from their little friends through, for example, fleas. Fleas often touch animal feces with worm eggs or parasites on them. If your beloved cats attract fleas and take them inside your house, you should prepare tools to prevent worms from the fleas to infect you.

When your cats get home from outside and they have ingested carrier fleas, the eggs on the fleas have found an environment where they can hatch. Your cats now bring serious worm infection risks to you if this happens. Fleas are not the only things that can bring worms and let them infect your cats and then you, though.

As a pet owner, you might need to get rid of your cats’ feces at times. However, you should be extra careful when doing this. After all, worms can also be transferred to you through fecal transmission. If your cats have worms, you can catch their worms just from making contact with their feces.

Because humans can catch cat worms by making contact with cats’ feces, it is important to always be extra careful. Children and toddlers are ones who have the highest risks of catching cat worms because they might play on spots near their cats’ litter boxes. The litter boxes are not the only dangerous places for children, sadly.

Some children or toddlers will eat sand or garden soil when playing outside and this is how they can catch cat worms. Always remind your children or toddlers not to eat sand or garden soul when they play outside. As for adults, there are prevention methods you can use to prevent cat worms from infecting you.

How to Prevent Worms from Cats from Infecting You

how to prevent worms from cats from infecting you


One of the methods you can use to prevent cat worm infection is regularly washing your hands especially after cleaning your cats’ litter boxes or after handling them. The next method is always washing your hands before having meals or eating snacks and encouraging your children or toddlers to do so.

Always keeping your cats indoors is also another method to prevent cat worms from infecting you since doing this allows you to prevent your cats from catching worms. It’s because Cats that play outdoor are at a higher risk for worms and parasites.

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