71 fun trivia cat facts for kids

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71 Fun Trivia Cat Facts For Kids

July 14, 2016

Our feline friends may not be like what we thought before. Yes, they’re all cute and such. But do you know actually they’re more than meets the eye? Cats are a mysterious creature. There are more than you can see on the surface.

Here are some interesting cat facts for kids.

  1. When it comes to pet, in US, cats are considered more popular than dogs. According to the statistics, there are 88 million cat owners, while dog owners are only 74 millions.
  2. Cats have flexible bone structure. Thus, when they fall from the top, they will still be able to land with their feet. There are many cases where cats have survived after falling from 32 stories of a building (around 320 meters) into concrete.
  3. If you see a cat, it’s a cat. If it’s a baby cat, it’s kitten. If it’s a group of cats, it’s a clowder.
  4. One of communication ways cats used is by their ears. No wonder you often see your cat expressively make movements with their ears. It’s because there are more than 20 muscles for cats to control the ears.
  5. Cats are considered as a lazy animal, especially domestic cats. In their lives, cats take 70% of their time to sleep, which is 20 hours a day.
  6. cats are considered as a lazy animal

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  7. Due to its intelligence, there had once been a cat as a mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska whose name was Stubbs. He had been a mayor for 15 years.
  8. There had also been a cat that was a candidate of mayor of Mexico City in 2013.
  9. There are plenty of breeds of cats. In tabbies and tigers though, their tongue center is covered by spine-like in backward pointing position. Those things are meant to grip and break off meat.
  10. You may have ever seen your cats grimace. That’s when they “taste” the scent. Cats have a special organ for this along with breathing control to make them able to sense and taste the air at the same time.
  11. Cats can’t taste sweet favor. So yes, it’s useless to give your cats a cake. They won’t be able to taste its delicacy.
  12. Good news for every cat owner. According to science, owning and petting a cat can reduce many health issues, like heart attack and stroke. It’s because cat’s purr is able to lower blood pressure, and the purr is produced when you pet your cat.
  13. You can check YouTube and Wikipedia; they have a recording for cat’s meowing. The craziest part is, there’s also hours of meowing recording. Yes, because why not?
  14. The largest cat in the world is recorded 48.5 inches long. Wow!
  15. There are plenty of evidence showing that domesticated cats have been found in the world since 3600 BC. It’s actually 2000 years before pharaohs in Egypt was even made! So it’s true if you say cat is an ancient animal.
  16. Not every purr of the cat is a mark of contentment. It’s also meant as self-healing as well as nervousness. So if you find your cat purrs even though you don’t pet it, chances are your cat is sick or anxious.
  17. Cat’s purr has frequency. The frequency is able to repair the bones and muscles of them. That is why they also purr to reduce the pain.
  18. Adult cats don’t meow to other cats. They only meow to their owners or humans.
  19. There’s not only richest man, but also richest cat. The richest cat is recorded having $13 million that it inherited from its former owner.
  20. When you call out your cat, more often than not it will act cool as if it didn’t hear anything. In fact, cats recognize the voice of its owner. But they pretend not to hear it and act not to give a single care.
  21. Contrary to popular belief, cats are often found lactose intolerant, which means they are allergic to milk and its products. So it’s better to stop giving them milk! Chances are they won’t enjoy it like cats in the movie.
  22. cat allergic to milk

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  23. In the cartoon, you often see cats eat (or even steal) raw fish right from our plates. The truth is, cats dislike raw fish. They like the fish processed before eating it.
  24. Do you ever find it cute to watch cats video on YouTube? If so, you may want to know that the oldest cat video which was ever recorded was dated in 1894. So it indicates that even our great grandmothers also love watching cats video.
  25. You may see your cat often vomit its fur. This is known as “hairball”. However, the medical term for it is “bezoar”.
  26. Back in the 1960s, CIA attempted to make a cat into a spy by implanting radio transmitter to its skull base and microphone to its ear. After surviving the surgery, the cat died because of being hit by a taxi, right in the first mission. Poor cat.
  27. Male cats are usually left-pawed (same with left-handed human) while female cats are usually right-pawed.
  28. When it comes to producing sounds, cats are more variable than dogs. Cats could produce above 100 different sounds, while dogs could only make 10.
  29. It’s wrong to say cat’s brain is like dog’s brain. Even though both are small mammal, but cat’s brain is 90% more like to human’s than to dogs’.
  30. Thus, humans and cats have almost identical parts of the brain which control emotion. Yes, cats can feel emotion as well.
  31. Cats’ brains are more complex than dogs. The cerebral cortex (section in the brain which is responsible to process cognitive information) of the cat has 300 million neurones, while dogs only have 160 million neurones.
  32. Due to its complexity, long-term memory of a cat is way better than a dog. That’s why cats are easier to learn by playing it than seeing it.
  33. Cats have lower social IQ than dogs. This is why cats are solitary animal and often associated with introverted people. Dogs are more social and often associated with extroverted people.
  34. However, cats are more able to solve cognitive problems than dogs (only when they want to do it).
  35. You think your iPad has a huge data storage? Think about your cat. A cat has 1000 times more storage than your gadget.
  36. In ancient Egypt, cat was god. So, it was highly illegal to kill and even slay cats. People in ancient Egypt even worshipped cats!
  37. Besides of being worshipped, cats in the old times were also highly appreciated and prohibited to be killed because they could control the population of rat.
  38. However, back in the 15th century, Pope Innocent VIII thought killing cats was a good idea so he ordered the mass of the church to kill the cats after stating that cats were demonic.
  39. Normally, a cat has four toes in the rear paws and five toes in the front paws. Yet, it may be more for polydactyl cats (yes, it’s possible for cats to be polydactyl).
  40. Polydactyl (has more than toes/fingers than usual) cats are also known as “Hemingway cats”, because Hemingway the author was a big fan of such cat.
  41. hemingway cats

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  42. Hemingway had 45 “Hemingway cats” in his former house in Key West, Florida.
  43. Originally, the litter of the cat was made from sand, because cats naturally take out their body discharge on the sane. However, in 1948 sand was replaced with clay which is more absorbent. And until now we know cat litter sand always contain bentonite.
  44. When still living in White House, Abe Lincoln has four cats.
  45. Mary Todd Lincoln, when being asked what was the hobby of her husband, said it’s cats.
  46. Cat door was invented by the famous Isaac Newton.
  47. In a legend of Noah’s Ark, it’s claimed that cats were made from a lion’s sneeze. A lion sneezed in the ark, and two kitties came out of its nose.
  48. Cats, as stated before, are very flexible. That’s why cats can jump six times higher than their actual length.
  49. It’s stated that a house cat is quicker than Usain Bolt.
  50. Domestic cats usually dig their litter box to poo. However, when you find your cat’s poop uncovered, it’s a sign from your cat to tell you that it doesn’t fear you. It’s a mark of aggression.
  51. Cats are manipulative. They can change their sound of meow to manipulate their owners. They often imitate the sound of human baby to get what they want, like treat or food.
  52. Whiskers on cats are very important, so don’t ever think to cut your cat’s whiskers. They use them as a balance, an antenna to get the right direction, and to detect whether they fit into a space.
  53. Cats don’t sweat through their skins. They sweat through their nose and foot pads.
  54. A cat had ever been in space too. The first cat in space was Felicette from French. She managed to finish the trip.
  55. Attached in their shoulders to the forelimbs, there are clavicle bones in cats that let them squeeze and sneak into a small space.
  56. The strongest cat’s senses is hearing. Cats could hear sound in frequency of 64 kHz, while human can only hear sound in 20 kHz.
  57. Because cats communicate with their ears too, so they have flexible ears. Cats could move their ears and turn them to 180 degrees.
  58. Plus, cats’ ears can be moved separately. It’s possible for a cat to move their left ears and let the right ones stay put and vice versa.
  59. Cats are able to detect breast cancer in human, especially their owners.
  60. Just like our fingerprint, cat’s nose is completed with a unique pattern, which owned differently by each cat. It’s like their mark.
  61. In the chin, lips, forehead, tail, and underside of their front paws, there are scent glands cats have which they usually use to mark everything they claim as their own by leaving their scent. This is a reason why your cat often rubs its head to your leg. It’s their way of saying that you are his.
  62. Cats don’t only rub to people to mark their territory and to say that you are his, but also to objects, like sofa.
  63. If you pet your cat, after some times, cats lick themselves. It’s their way to get your human scent off their skin. After all, cats are not like dogs. They don’t openly like physical contact.
  64. cat licking

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  65. In an ancient Egypt, if your pet cat died, the whole family members should shave their eyebrows off to show their mourning.
  66. And after that, the dead cat had to be honored by a memorial by being mummified or buried in a pet cemetery or family tomb.
  67. Even though in US black cats are known as a symbol of bad luck, but in Australia and UK, black cats are known the opposite.
  68. Why cats hates water? because their coats and fur cannot insulate water well.
  69. Yet, Turkish Angora breed is an exception. This breed is known as their fond of water and swimming. Turkish Angora or Turkish Van doesn’t have insulation issue like other normal cats. Thus, to overcome the hot sunny days, they often jump into the pool.
  70. The oldest cat’s breed is an Egyptian Mau, which is also considered as the quickest pedigreed cat. By the way, in Egyptian language, cat means “mau”. So Egyptian Mau means cats of Egypt.
  71. Because cats are usually associated with introverted people, this kind of people is also labeled as “cat people”. However, according to statistics, there’s only 11.5% of people in US consider themselves as cat people.
  72. Cats owners are commonly introverted. Like their pets, they don’t really fancy the idea of meeting new people in a crowded area and prefer staying at home plus staying away from people.
  73. However, cat people are known more risk-takers and open to new experiences than dog people.
  74. Male cat owners are a highly appreciated and respected type of lovers. They are lucky in love as well, because they are known as more sensitive than their peers.
  75. The carbon in cat’s footprint is quite the same with VW Bug, while dog’s is similar like a Hummer.
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