FIV positive cat related things you definitely have to know about


FIV Positive Cat Related Things You Definitely Have to Know About

July 17, 2016

Knowledge on things related to a FIV positive cat is something you might need to have if you’re worried about your cat catching FIV.

FIV is similar to HIV but it only attacks cats. It stands for feline immunodeficiency virus. Note these things if you want to know more about FIV-positive cats.

Rescuing and Adopting a FIV-Positive Cat

rescuing and adopting a FIV-positive cat


It’s not a bad thing to rescue a cat with FIV because the virus can’t be transmitted to humans. However, you should be careful if you have healthy cats in your home. The virus is contagious among cats and your healthy cats can catch it from the infected cat you rescue and adopt.

An infected cat can transmit the virus to another cat through biting, blood transmission, saliva, or breastfeeding. A female infected cat can also transmit the virus to her kittens in the utero.

You might need to have your healthy cats and the infected cat stay in separate rooms so that they won’t fight and blood transmission doesn’t occur.

FIV and Dental Disease

FIV and dental disease


A cat that has FIV can suffer from dental disease and the disease can be quite severe. Sometimes, it becomes something necessary to do to remove all of an infected cat’s teeth. The tooth removal needs to be done if the cat’s dental disease is too severe.

Treating FIV

treating FIV


If you’re worried about your beloved cat getting infected by FIV, you might wonder whether the virus is treatable or not. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any treatment for the virus.

It means that there hasn’t been any treatment method medical experts can use to treat the virus after it infects a cat.

There is a FIV vaccine cat owners can use to prevent the spread of the virus, though. However, the vaccine is actually not recommended by many medical experts because it never has the best efficacy.

When a cat takes the vaccine, he or she will be FIV-positive and of course, many pet owners never want their beloved little friends to be FIV positive.

The Life and Lifespan of an FIV-Positive Cat

the life and lifespan of an FIV-positive cat


A cat with FIV will have a weaker immune system and he or she will be very weak after being attacked by certain disease. However, the virus itself doesn’t directly attack cats.

If a cat with FIV is healthy, it can still live a long life just like how other cats do. Most cats that have the virus could handle it quite well.

If you have a cat and he or she catches your virus, you should be worried about secondary diseases and not the virus itself.

The secondary diseases your cat suffers from after catching the virus can jeopardize your cat because your beloved little friend’s immune system has weakened.

If you take a very good care of a cat with FIV and make sure that he or she is always happy, however, you can see your cat living a normal live both in terms of duration and quality.

It’s a good thing that a cat that has FIV can live as long and as happy as healthier cats.

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