gingivitis treatment home methods to try


Gingivitis Treatment Home Methods to Try

July 20, 2016

Using gingivitis treatment home methods is one of the best things cat owners who have cats with gingivitis should do. It’s because at home treatment methods are things cat owners can do to take care of their cats when they’re not at a veterinarian’s place. It’s also a good way to save money since at home treatment methods are usually less expensive than bringing cats to experts.

The treatment methods cat owners can use can involve varied things from brushing your cat’s teeth to removing the virus that invades your cat’s mouth, and more. You definitely have to know about them if you are a cat owner and you really want to know how to treat a cat with gingivitis at home.

Getting Rid of the Virus Invading Your Cat’s Mouth

getting rid of the virus invading your cat’s mouth


The first at home gingivitis treatment method you can try is getting rid of the virus that makes your cat more vulnerable to gingivitis. Your cat’s gingivitis may not result from bad oral hygiene but from virus invasion. One of the common viruses that can make cats more vulnerable to gingivitis is a virus called calicivirus.

Speak with your veterinarian about treating the virus-related problems your cat faces. Speak with your veterinarian about treating your feline friend using a combination of antiviral medications, anti-inflammatory medications, and antibiotics.

To get rid of the virus invading your cat’s body, you can also try adding lysine to your beloved little friend’s diet. The thing called lysine is a natural amino acid which can slow down virus reproduction. Consider checking with your favorite pet supply store or veterinarian for lysine supplements.

Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth

brushing your cat’s teeth


A cat cannot brush his or her teeth and that’s why a cat owner needs to brush his or her cat’s teeth when not wanting his or her cat to have gingivitis.

Gingivitis is normally caused by food particles collecting in small spaces between the gums and the teeth. As the food a cat eats decays, bacteria from the food start growing, causing infections.

The infections the bacteria cause, along with debris, irritate the cat’s gums and then cause them to turn red, swell, or even, scarily, bleed. Clean the debris from your cat’s gum line if your cat lets you brush his or her teeth. Doing so can help treat gingivitis.

Feeding Raw or Canned Food to Your Cat

feeding raw or canned food to your cat


Sometimes, raw or canned food can help treat a cat’s gingivitis by keeping the cat’s teeth cleaner. After all, raw or canned food helps create moisture that acts as a natural mouthwash. However, feeding raw food to cat is something many people consider bad because raw food may contain viruses that can jeopardize a cat’s health.

Make sure you speak with your veterinarian before you decide on feeding raw food to your cat to find out whether it’s a good thing to feed raw food to your feline friend or not. Just make sure you get words from your veterinarian because you decide on trying any at home treatment methods to treat your cat’s gingivitis.

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