when to feed your cat high calorie cat food

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When to Feed Your Cat High Calorie Cat Food

August 29, 2016

Having a skinny cat, especially if it’s senior already, should be a warning sign for you that your cat needs more calorie as well as protein intake daily.

There’s this myth saying that elder cats should be fed less protein because usually they become less active. Thus, too much protein and calorie will only make them obese.

In fact, elder cats need even more protein than younger cats. Because they now seem to unable digest food properly, and the inactive attitude will make their muscle mass decrease.

This is the reason why they need more calorie and protein from the foods.

How Much Protein does a Cat Need Actually?

how much protein does a cat need actually

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As obligate carnivores, cats basically need more protein in their food consumption daily than other mammals. And since they don’t really need carbohydrates, cats are used to eat poor carbo but rich protein foods.

The percentage of wild cat’s dietary is 5-10% carbohydrates, 30-50% fat, and 50-60% protein. It shows that naturally cats need protein more. For domestic cats, they need more protein and calorie from the foods.

According to one study, cats need 26g protein per day, 9g fat per day, and 8g carbohydrates per day. In percentage, cats require only 12% carbohydrate, 36% fat, and 52% protein.

You can also calculate how much protein your cat need based on its weight. The protein needs approximately should be 5.3g per kg each day.

Does My Cat Need High Calorie Food?

does my cat need high calorie food

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When you choose high calorie food for you furry friends, know that the cat food is already packed with high nutrient, including protein and fat. Thus, it will save the cats’ lives that need weight gain in quickly.

And due to the calorie rich in the ingredients of that food, your cats don’t need many bulks in one portion.

Approximately, one quarter of high calorie food equals with usual food (non-high calorie) when it comes to nutritional benefit. This should be known so you can limit the intake in order to avoid diabetes and obesity in a cat.

Remember, not all feline need high calorie cat food. Only those that suffer from drop weight can be fed with high calorie food. And know that there’s no normal cat that can drop weight all of sudden without any underlying issue.

Therefore, high calorie foods are meant for cats in recovery diet. When you visit a vet, there are some conditions which cause you to start feeding your cat with high calorie foods. And here are the conditions:

Don’t Feed the Cat with these Conditions with High Calorie Food

don’t feed the cat with these conditions with high calorie food

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As the owner, of course you have the rights to feed your cat anything you like. Even if your cat is normal, you may want to feed it with high calorie food just to make it fatter and cuter.

But remember that it can be dangerous. You shouldn’t make any decision about prescription diet because it takes a vet to do that.

If you start feeding your normal cat with high calorie cat food, chances are your cat will suffer from terrible diarrhea or pancreatitis.

Losing weight cat should be taken to the vet as soon as possible, so the vet can decide whether it’s time to feed with high calorie food or not.

As normal cats are not allowed to consume high calorie food, these are other conditions where you cat is highly forbidden to be fed with fat-rich foods:

Switching to New Foods

switching to new foods

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If your cat really requires high calorie food and it’s approved by the vet, then you have to switch its dietary program. Commonly, switching to new food cannot be done instantly, it needs transition period.

This is applied to switching any kind of foods, not just the high calorie ones. If you think another brand is better, you need transition time.

During the transition time, you should let your cat recognize its soon-to-be new foods by letting it sniff it. Then, mix the old food with the new one in one plate, and feed your cat three times a day with this.

Gradually, lessen the amount of old food, until it’s completely the new food you give it.

However, if your cat deals with life and death problem, and the vet orders you to feed it with high calorie food as soon as possible, there’s no need to have transition time. You can directly change the food.

Mild diarrhea is more bearable than liver problems. Yes, the risk of feeding your cat the new food instantly is diarrhea.

Then, there’s also transitioning off. When your cat’s medical issue has been treated and your cat has gained its weight back, it’s time to stop the high calorie food and get back to its old diet.

In this transition off time, you need at least 7-10 days to adjust the food.

Some Recommendations of Best High Calorie Cat Food

Foods NameWhat to LoveCostAdditional Comments
Pet Ag Products Catsure Liquid Food Supplement
  • It is liquid, so it can be best for senior cats that have dental issues
  • The fluid and nutrients intake can be fulfilled in just one bulk
  • Cats will surely love its creamy vanilla flavor
  • High in antioxidants
  • Contains healthy level of fatty acids and omega 3 and 6
  • Promotes healthy coat and skin
  • Contains high quality protein and amino acids
  • Lactose free
  • Contains flaxseed oil, which is a rich source of DHA
$8.18 (August 29,2016) Buy Here
  • This is meant for geriatric cats
  • Perfect for sensitive cats that have problem with their digestive system; the lactose-free formula won’t hurt the digestion
  • Comes in 12 oz cans
  • It is perfect for cats that suffer from kidney disease because they mostly will only “lick” their food instead of eat it normally. The liquid form of this food will be very helpful
  • This can be used as meal replacement
Tomlyn Nutri-cal for Cats
  • It can stimulate appetite. Thus, this food is perfect for ill cats that lose their appetite
  • Contains concentrated sources of minerals and vitamins, and also omega 3, 6, and 9
  • Can boost cat’s energy
  • Best price; affordable but with high calorie and full content of vitamins and minerals
  • The tube packaging is easy to bring anywhere. When your cat cannot eat on its own, you just have to squeeze the tube right in the tongue of your cat
  • Veterinarian formulated
$5.31 (August 29,2016) Buy Here
  • You can’t feed your cat with this without discussing first with your vet, because the main ingredient is corn syrup, which is a highly processed and isolated corn, thus it can’t be similar with a natural corn anymore.

    It’s actually harmful for both animals and human. You should only use this for cats that lose appetite. Once the cats have been normal again, stop it immediately and never use it as meal replacement either

  • However, if your cat likes it, once it is completely healed, you can still use this product as a treat but only in small amount
  • Nevertheless, this is perfect for picky-eater ill cats
  • If you want to use this product as food supplement, you can give 1 1/2 teaspoons per 10 pounds of cat’s body weight.

    But if your cat cannot eat anything, as a meal replacement, this product can be given 3 teaspoons per 10 pounds of cat’s body weight everyday

Canidae Life Stages Canned Cat Food
  • This product is suitable for all life stages of a cat; kitten, adult, and senior. Thus, it can be great for you who have more than one cat in any life stage in your households. Perfect for any breeds as well
  • The taste is great, packed with premium ingredients
  • The protein is optimum from both fish and meat. The high quality meats and fish consist of ocean whitefish, lamb, and chicken
  • Doesn’t contain soy, corn, wheat, preservatives, colors, artificial flavors, hormones, and antibiotics
  • Vet formulated
  • The grain is limited. Actually, cat can’t process grain, but they still need it. Thus, this product use brown rice and alfalfa instead of corn, which is better and less harmful
  • The variety of meat in the ingredients can be beneficial for the cat’s liver
$28.31 (August 29,2016) Buy Here
  • For feeding instruction, give your cat 13 oz can of this product per 16lbs of cat’s body weight
  • Kittens may need twice amount of portions more than adult cat aforementioned
  • Nursing mother needs three times portions more than adult cat aforementioned
  • When you feed this product to your cat, make sure fresh water is also available. Because dry food makes cat thirsty
  • This can be used both for meal supplement and meal replacement
Tiki Cat Gourmet Whole Food Sardine Cutlets in Lobster Consomme
  • This product has been USDA certified, which means it’s even safe for human consumption and super palatable
  • This can be both prevention and treatment for nutritional issues, like diabetes, IBS, CRF, UTI, and other conditions verified by vet
  • It has premium quality for nutrition and taste. This product is served with healthy process
  • Contain protein as well as moisture like natural prey wild cats usually have, with 0% carbohydrates
  • Forms as sliced sardine with gravy and grain free
  • Can be both meal replacement or supplement
  • It smells like a real fish
$15.96 (August 29,2016) Buy Here
  • Be careful if your cat has sardine allergy. The main reaction shows after eating this is throwing up
  • To maintain weight, you should feed 2% of body weight each day; or 2.8z for morning and evening meals
  • It can be used individually or as a supplement for dry food
  • It comes with lobster gel, but the forms of this product looks a lot like real fish with big chunks inside the can
  • Remember that not all cats fancy fish. Some cats can’t stand the smell of this food. Make sure that your cat likes fish first before your start feeding it with this
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