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High Fiber Cat Food Choices to Pick One for Your Cat From

August 24, 2016

Choosing the best high fiber cat food for your cat is something you definitely have to do if you’re a cat owner and you want to give food that gives a lot of benefits to your cat.

There are numerous options of cat foods available for cat owners today and you have so many cat foods to choose one from for your cat.

The many choices of cat foods you can choose a cat food from your cat include cat foods from various different brands. Of course, because the cat food choices available today are from various different brands, they are available for various different amounts of money.

You are free to choose cat foods depending on the amount of money you prepare. However, it’s also a wise thing to do to choose cat foods depending on the contents of the food.

Before you decide on which cat food you need to purchase for your cat, you need to know that there isn’t a single ‘best’ cat food.

Every cat food is different from other cat foods and you have to think about certain things when choosing a cat food for your cat.

Cats in general need a high protein diet but note that every cat needs a specific type of food depending on their specific condition.

Cats in general need a high protein diet but many cats have adapted to a carnivorous diet because they live in the wild while housecats haven’t changed their dietary needs.

Note that a cat’s specific dietary needs are individualized by animal, age, breed, and health. If you are looking for the best cat food for your cat, you should take those things into consideration.

Here are things you need to note if you want to choose a cat food for your cat and you want only the best food for your cat.

Important Things to Note before Choosing Cat Food

important things to note before choosing cat food

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Before you choose a certain cat food for your cat, you need to know that certain foods are associated with certain conditions. Here are things you should write down when you are about to choose cat food for your cat.

A Reason for Why It is Important to Choose the Right Food

a reason for why it is important to choose the right high fiber food fot cat

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While it’s true that cats require certain nutrients, the right type of food for every cat depends on the cat, his or her age, and his or her lifestyle. There are things you should take into consideration when trying to choose the right type of food for your cat.

For example, if your cat spends most of his or her time indoors, he or she doesn’t need as many calories as the calories a cat that spends most of his or her time outdoors.

If your cat is an indoor cat, he or she may not be too active and spends most of his or her time licking fur, ingesting hair, and sleeping.

Fiber-rich foods can help him or her naturally eliminate hairballs while lower-calorie foods can help him or her fight against excess weight gain.

Because your cat’s age is an important factor in choosing the right cat food for him or her, it’s important to choose cat food according your cat’s age. Cats in different ages need different amounts of nutrition.

Note that dietary adjustments are needed for aging cats that have decreased energy, have difficulty walking, or don’t have the same appetite that they used to have.

Your cat’s health is also an important factor in choosing the right food for him or her. There are some foods which are considered good for cats that have health problems including heart disease, diabetes, tumors, hyperthyroidism, kidney disease, or respiratory issues.

Obesity is considered a big risk factor for various conditions and it must be addressed through a good and proper diet. Note that pregnant cats or lactating cats also need different types of nutrition.

Because every cat’s condition is different to other cats’, it’s important to choose the right cat food for every cat according to his age, health, lifestyle, and other things.

Here are a number of cat food choices you can choose from if high-fiber cat foods are the ones you think your cat needs.

Choices of High-Fiber Cat Foods

Cat FoodThe GoodsCostThings to Consider
Royal Canin® Veterinary Diet Calorie Control CC High Fiber Cat Food
  • Helps your cat maintain his or her ideal weight
  • Promotes healthy weight loss
  • Calories are controlled to promote healthy weight loss and restrict energy intake while a combination of insoluble and soluble fiber optimizes gastrointestinal motility
$ 1.66 Size 6 Oz (August 24,2016) Buy Here
  • For adult cats
  • Canned food
  • Has chicken liver as its primary ingredient
  • Contains: crude protein (min) 6.0%, moisture (max) 82.0%, crude fiber (max) 3.0%, crude fat (min) 2.0%
  • Contains around 812 kcal/kg ME, 138 kcal/can ME
  • You must get a prescription from a veterinarian to be able to purchase this cat food. Consider speaking with your veterinarian if you’re considering purchasing this product.
Purina Veterinary Diets Feline (OM) Overweight Management Canned Cat Food 24/5.5 oz
  • Good choice of canned food for cats
  • Good for almost every cat
  • Goof for cats that need to lose weight
$56.99 (August 24,2016) Buy Here
  • Weighs 9 pounds
  • Is easy to find online
  • Has good reputation. Many people give it 5.0 out of 5 stars
  • Among the best choices of cat foods for cat owners who are looking for high fiber cat foods
  • Canned food
Eagle Pack Natural Pet Food, Indoor Formula for Cats
  • Formulated using a lot of fiber
  • Helps keep indoor cats satisfied between meals
  • Helps support healthy digestion
  • Formulated using a moderate amount of calories and fat to support reduced exercise and activity levels of an indoor lifestyle
  • Contains omega fatty acids in flaxseed that can help maintain healthy and nourished skin which can help control shedding
  • Contains a variety of proteins that can help support healthy muscle tone all the while providing a great flavor that even finicky cats will love
  • Having no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
$39.97 (August 24,2016) Buy Here
  • The formulas the company producing this cat food deliver the right balance of fats, antioxidants, omega fatty acids, carbohydrates, and proteins for awesome results that include bright eyes, shiny coat, energetic spirit and good digestion
  • The formulas the company producing this product uses have actually been performance-proven using indoor sun loungers, outdoor butterfly chasers and neighborhood prowlers
  • You can count on this product to naturally fuel your feline friend’s daily adventures whether they are small or big adventures
  • This product contains flaxseed, cranberries and eggs that help provide natural nutrients to a feline’s everyday diet
  • This product doesn’t have artificial preservatives or flavors. It uses formulas that are naturally preserved and include flavorful ingredients that are undeniably healthy
  • If you plan on transitioning your cat from his or her current diet, you should note that it may take a few days for your cat’s body to adapt to the new nutrient levels. To successfully transition, you might need to gradually mix this food with your cat’s old food over a 5-7 day period, making sure to increase the amount of this food each day. The purpose is so that you’re feeding your cat this product by day 7
  • This product’s shipping weight is 13 pounds
  • This product can only be shipped within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses now. For APO/FPO shipments, purchasers might need to check with the manufacturer regarding support and warranty issues. Note that the product isn’t eligible for international shipping
  • This product gets 3.7 out of 5 stars in Amazon
  • This product falls into the category of treats
Hill's Science Diet Hairball Control Dry Cat Food
  • Contains natural fiber that can comfortably reduce hairballs
  • Contains ingredients that help support internal organ health in mature cats
  • Uses natural ingredients plus minerals, amino acids and vitamins
  • Providing cats with antioxidant benefits that have been clinically proven
  • Has no artificial flavors, colors and preservatives
  • Available in various canned and dry foods
$31.49 (August 24,2016) Buy Here
  • Helps cats that have problems related to hairballs
  • This product is for senior cats
  • The ingredients used in the production of this product include various healthy things including Vitamin A supplement, calcium sulfate, fish oil, and more
  • This product contains crude protein (min) 29%, moisture (max) 8%, crude fiber (max) 10% and crude fat (min) 17.5%
  • This product is good for adult cats that are 7+ years and are prone to hairballs
  • This product isn’t recommended for pregnant cats, nursing cats, and kittens
Purina ONE Dry Cat Food
  • Uses real turkey as ingredient
  • Contains 100% nutrition
  • Has 0% fillers
  • Contains 42g protein per cup
  • Helps support your adult cat’s optimal health by providing him or her with nutrition he or she needs. This product helps support your cat’s optimal health both inside and out
  • Helps promote healthy digestion and minimize hairballs
  • Is enriched with useful minerals and vitamins for strong joints and bones
  • Has a taste that cats love
$21.84 (August 24,2016) Buy Here
  • This product uses real turkey as its number one ingredients
  • This product has 0% fillers. It uses high-quality ingredients and each of those ingredients has a purpose
  • This product uses a formula that contains a natural fiber blend that can help promote healthy digestion and minimize hairballs
  • This product contains 10% fewer calories than another Purina product called Purina ONE Salmon Tuna Flavor to successfully help support a healthy weight
  • This product contains omega-6 that can help give a cat healthy skin and a radiant coat while the crunchy kibble does something to help whiten teeth and reduce plaque build-up
  • Containing 42g of protein per cup, this product can provide the protein your feline friend needs as a carnivore. It also helps support strong muscles and keeps your cat’s heart healthy
  • This product provides your cat with purposeful nutrition for whole body health
  • This product is a veterinarian recommended product
Purina Pro Plan Focus Dry Cat Food
  • Uses real lamb as its number one ingredient
  • Made using 40% protein
  • Contains 100% balanced and complete nutrition for adult cats
  • Includes oat meal and rice that are easily digestible
  • Has zinc and omega fatty acids that help promote a healthy coat and nourish skin
$24.99 (August 24,2016) Buy Here
  • This product is specially designed to help cats thrive. It uses a formula that includes easily digestible oat meal and rice. It also has zinc and omega fatty acids that help promote a healthy coat and nourish your cat’s skin
  • This product offers options to cat owners because it has specialized formulas to successfully meet cats’ unique needs when it comes to nutrition
  • This product has natural prebiotic fiber that’s sourced from chicory root and can help promote digestive health
  • This product is made without artificial flavors or colors
  • This product has antioxidant that is useful for your cat’s immune system health

If you think that your cat needs high fiber foods, there are various high fiber food choices available and the ones mentioned above are some of them. Add them to your purchase list if you plan on shopping for high fiber cat foods your beloved feline companion.

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