how to get rid of cat pee smell in house using natural treatment


How to Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell in House Using Natural Treatment

July 6, 2016

Sometimes, cats don’t behave properly. They pee in the wrong area; anywhere in the house but in their litter box. This can be quite frustrating because cat’s urine, like human’s urine too, stinks. It contains uric acid, electrolytes, and salt.

Cats, usually male cats, usually spraying their urine to mark their territory. This is what you’ve got if you have not neutered and spayed male cats in your house. If it already happens, this is how to get rid of cat pee smell in house.

No need home cleaners products if you can use natural treatment to get rid of this odor. Keep in mind that overcoming cat pee odor needs different treatments, based on the surface they peed upon.

If it’s hard surface which is affected, you just have to directly wipe it away using wash cloth and don’t forget to mop the surface. Sprinkle baking soda on top of the affected area to neutralize the odor.

how to get rid of cat pee smell in house


If it’s your clothes or other kinds of fabrics, like linens, curtains, or drapes, you have to wash it apart from the other laundry. Mix hydrogen peroxide with your usual detergent in ratio 1:1 before washing it. If the odor lingers, it’s better to throw the affected clothes away.

No matter what area affected, it’s better for you to have UV light to track your cat’s pee quickly, so you’re able to take care of it as soon as possible before your cat start to peeing on it again. This thing is pretty useful if you are a pet owner.

Then, these are the natural materials which you can use to neutralize the odor in your house despite which area affected.

First, it’s the famous baking soda. Many cat owners swear this is the most reliable and best natural deodorizer for cat’s urine smell. You just have to sprinkle a fair amount of baking soda in the affected area and let it sit for about an hour or so before vacuuming it.

how to get rid of cat pee smell in house with baking soda or vinegar


Baking soda contains a certain substance which can absorb most of bad aroma. Plus, it dries up the stain which is caused by the pee itself. If you think baking soda is such a waste of time, you can use another alternative.

Vinegar is commonly known as a good alternative for baking soda. Be it white vinegar or apple cider vinegar you use, most cat owners stated that this thing can be used to neutralize cat pee smell.

If you find the cat pee stain, you just have to splash it with vinegar, let it stay for about 15 minutes, then blot it. However, please know that vinegar sometimes can leave stain as well. So to avoid further problem, you need to make a mixture.

Mix vinegar with cool water in the same amount, with 1:1 ratio. After that, pour it to the affected area. Brush the area with an old toothbrush until you can’t find the stain, then blot it dry or vacuum it. Even though your house will be smelled like vinegar, at least it’s better than cat pee smell.

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