how to get rid of cat pee smell on carpet naturally


How to Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell on Carpet Naturally

July 5, 2016

Having a cat or cats, can be challenging when it comes to their body discharge. Most people think cats can be trained to pee and poo in their litter box. In most cases, it’s true. But in other cases, cats can pee in the wrong place, and this is the problem we’re going to discuss.

When your cat is misbehaved, what would you do if it’s already happened? How to get rid of cat pee smell on carpet, because that’s the most common thing that’s peed upon by cat?

First, you should see how long the urine has stayed. If it’s still wet, you need to blot it as quick as possible. Blotting cat’s urine can be done by towel paper, or better yet, a clean towel. The thicker the material, the more urine it can absorb.

Yes, blotting cannot absorb the entire urine, but at least there’s no remaining of it you need to take care afterward.

how to get rid of cat pee smell in carpet


Once the urine has been blotted, removing the stain is the next step. Some people use bleaching to do this. But be careful, in some materials bleaching can remove or wash out the natural color of your carpet.

So, before using bleaching, you need to test it in other materials to confirm it’s safe enough to be used on your carpet. If it’s safe, mix 1 teaspoon of bleaching in half cup of water. After that, pour the mixture in the affected area before brushing it.

Be gentle when brushing your carpet. You surely don’t want to ruin it. After that, let your carpet be air dried. Once it’s dried, it’s time to deodorize your carpet.

Some people use baking soda. You just have to sprinkle baking soda in the affected area. Let it sit for about 30-60 minutes before you vacuum it. Baking soda contain substances which can neutralize ammonia in cat pee.

As an alternative, you can also use vinegar, be it white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Mix vinegar with water in ration 1:1. For instance, a half cup of water should be mixed with a half cup of vinegar.

how to get rid of cat pee smell on carpet


Saturate the carpet with that mixture. Let it dry naturally. Or, you can vacuum it. If you still smell something bad in your carpet, you can sprinkle baking soda after using vinegar. Don’t forget to vacuum it after that.

When using vacuum cleaner, never use heated steaming mode. It’s because heat can make the substance of cat’s urine get deeper to the carpet’s fiber. Always use wet vacuum mode, where the saturated water can be sucked back to the tank.

Remember, just because the stain is gone, it doesn’t mean the smell will be gone as well. It’s important to always check whether there’s a lingered odor. If so, you need to repeat the process again.

Never use any kind of home cleaners products containing ammonia, because ammonia can also be found in cat’s urine. If you cat smells the same aroma in the carpet like its urine, chances are it will pee again in the same spot and you need to take care of it again and again.

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