how to prevent gingivitis in cats


How to Prevent Gingivitis in Cats

July 19, 2016

If you’re a cat owner and you don’t want your cat to suffer severely fro gingivitis, you might need to know how to prevent gingivitis.

It’s important to know about ways to prevent gingivitis from making your cat suffer because gingivitis is very painful and you don’t want your cat to have it. You don’t want your cat to have a disease that leaves him or her in a lot of pain.

There are ways to prevent gingivitis from attacking your cat. However, you definitely have to talk with your veterinarian first before trying one of those ways.

Make sure you ask your veterinarian whether or not a prevention method you are about to use is safe to use or not. Here are the prevention ways you can try.

The Key of Preventing Gingivitis in Cats

the key of preventing gingivitis in cats


If you want to prevent gingivitis from attacking your cat, you should note that the key of preventing gingivitis in cats is preventing tartar build up from the very beginning. You should prevent tartar from building up if you don’t want your cat to have gingivitis that tortures him or her.

The Importance of Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth Regularly

the importance of brushing your cat’s teeth regularly


When it comes to preventing gingivitis in cats, it’s also important to brush your cat’s teeth regularly. Doing so can help you prevent gingivitis. When you brush your cat’s teeth, however, you need to use a special ‘cat’ toothpaste and toothbrush.

Make sure you never use toothpaste and toothbrush for humans on your cat because they can jeopardize your cat’s health.

Purchasing Special Diets

purchasing special diets


The next feline gingivitis prevention method you can try is buying special diets that are designed to reduce tartar and plaque formation. Just consider buying special diets for your cat if you don’t want him or her to have gingivitis, a condition that can leave a cat in so much pain.

One of the foods you can purchase for your cat is Hills T/D. It’s a product you can purchase through a veterinarian.

Feeding Raw Chicken Bones or Neck to Your Cat

feeding raw chicken bones or neck to your cat


Another prevention method you can try is feeding your cat with raw chicken bones or necks. There is a reason to use this method. However, this method is actually a controversial method. It’s true that this method is widely recommended in Australia.

In the country, this method is recommended as a way of reducing tartar and plaque formation. However, the fact that it’s widely recommended in the country doesn’t necessarily mean the method becomes uncontroversial.

The thing that makes this method controversial is the fact that there are risks which are associated with feeding cats with raw bones. Letting cats eat raw bones is not the healthiest thing to do because raw bones can bring risks of getting infected by certain viruses to cat.

Make sure you ask your veterinarian for his or her opinions on letting cats eat raw chicken bones and or necks before deciding on giving raw chicken bones or necks to your cat. Your veterinarian surely knows what the best for your cat is.

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