how to stop a male cat from spraying in all over the house


How to Stop a Male Cat from Spraying in all Over the House

July 12, 2016

Having male cats means you have to be used to spray. It’s a common nature among cat males to urine mark their territory. However, this thing can be annoying for every cat owner, because the pungent smell of the urine can be quite disturbing.

Even though spraying is actually a common nature in male cats, that doesn’t mean you can’t stop it. There are some methods you can use in how to stop a male cat from spraying. But first, you need to know whether it’s real spraying or just litter box problem.

Spraying VS Litter Box Problems

spraying vs litter box problems


There are some naughty cats that prefer peeing not in their litter box. Before you claim that your cat is urine marking (spraying), make sure first that it’s not just being naughty.

First, check the surface that it’s peed upon. Urine marking is usually sprayed in a vertical surface, like side of desk and chair, a wall, or even stereo speaker. When cat sprays, it usually twitches its entire body or only its tail, which erects straight up.

Second, the amount of spraying is less than the usual urine it deposits in the litter box. Remember, spraying cat doesn’t have litter box problem. It only sprays to communicate with other cats, but still it knows its place to urinate and eliminate body discharges.

Third, it smells pungent. Not that it means that common urine cat doesn’t smell at all. But you can differentiate it once you smell it. Sprayed urine contains certain chemical produced by a cat to communicate with other cats. Thus, cats should make sure their communication is “strong” enough to make it loud and clear.

How to Stop a Male Cat from Spraying

how to stop a male cat from spraying


The most common solution for this problem is, of course, neutering or spaying the cat. It’s because hormone which plays a part in spraying cat. Male cats spray to let female cats know where they are. When you neuter or spay a male cat, it won’t be able again to announce their reproductive availability.

Stress and anxiety in cats can also be the reason why they spray. This commonly happens if you have more than one pet in your household. If this is the problem, then you should minimize the contact of each of them.

You should also play with them together, make them finally get used to each other. So, when interacting, one of them won’t feel anxious and stressed anymore. Thus, spraying can be avoided because cats also spray to mark their territory, so the other cats won’t come closer to them.

Stress and anxiety in cats can also be caused by changing in the environment. If you move into a a new house or you rearrange the furniture pieces, cats usually don’t take them easily. The changes in their living environment makes them stressful enough to spray.

Just a thing to remember, never get angry and throw things at your cats when you find urine marks in your house, because it will only make them traumatize with human, but still won’t stop the real problem.

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