how to trim cat claws with nail clippers effectively


How to Trim Cat Claws with Nail Clippers Effectively

July 15, 2016

Knowledge on how to trim cat claws with nail clippers is something important for you if you have a cat and you care about your little friend’s health. A cat’s health involves a lot of things including her nail’s health.

A cat needs her nails and you should keep your cat’s nails healthy by trimming them regularly if you want your cute little friend to always be healthy. Do these things to trim your cat’s nails.

Prepare Your Cat’s Paws

prepare your cat’s paws


The first step of trimming your cat’s nails is preparing her paws. Make sure to help your cat get used to their paws being handled by humans. Wait for a moment until your cat feels relaxed before you trim her nails. The purpose is to avoid your cat trying to escape from you and getting her skin cut as a result.

Once you get a hold of your cat’s paws, start petting the paws and the cat’s favorite spots in a gentle way. Your cat might pull her paws away but you should let it go. Never use force on your cat and just try to gently pet her paws whenever you get the opportunity.

Reward your cat with praise and treats to help build a positive atmosphere. Once your cat gets used to you holding her paws, you can start massaging the paws using your fingers. Gently massage them and always give praises and treats when your cat behaves well.

Eventually, you’ll be able to gently squeeze your cat’s paws to push each claw out without having to upset her once she’s relaxed. At this point, you can move to the next round.

Trimming Your Cat’s Nails

trimming your cat’s nails


Once your cat feels relaxed, you can get her comfortable by choosing a nail-trimming position in which she gets the most comfort she needs. Your cat won’t put up a fight too much when she is in the most comfortable nail-trimming position.

Start trimming your cait’s nails carefully when she is in her most comfortable nail-trimming position. Just trim very carefully so that your beloved animal friend doesn’t get hurt during the process.

Important Things in Trimming a Cat’s Nails

important things in trimming a cat’s nails


When it comes to trimming a cat’s nails, it is important to wait for theright time. You shouldn’t trim your little friend’s nails whenever you feel like trimming them. Pick a moment when she feels relaxed like when she just comes out of her nap, when she calmly rests, or when she has just eaten. The time when she feels sleepy and content is also a good time to pick.

Never trim your cat’s nails when she is hungry, running around, or restless because she’ll not be receptive from you or other humans trimming her nails during these conditions.

Once your cat’s ready, you have to find a spot where here nail separate from her quick. The quick is usually a small triangle inside your cat’s nail. It is usually pinkish. To trim your cat’s nails, first of all, just cut the tips of the nails.

When your cat acts as if she is super comfortable, you can cut the areas closer to her quick. However, don’t cut to tht quick since it can hurt her. Just handle your cat with care and make sure you don’t hurt her in the slightest when you trim her nails.

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