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In Cats, What is Ringworm Caused by?

July 9, 2016

Ringworm is a skin issue which is not only affected humans, but also pets, like cats. This condition is marked by lesions skin and bald patches in some affected areas. The bald patch has ring and the center is red, which is why this is called ringworm.

Even though it’s called ringworm, but it has nothing to do with worm. What is ringworm caused by? This is fungus which plays the part. The ringworm spores can affect human skins as well as cat’s.

What makes it even worse is ringworm is highly contagious. Even though you may have treated the affected skin, but the spores can survive in the cat’s fur for a very long time! This is why you have to completely remove and clean every relatable item to ringworm, including your cat’s fur.

The Cause of Ringworm

the cause of ringworm

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As stated before, ringworm is caused by fungi. And fungi likes to stay in damp, humid, and crowd area. So if you think there’s a spot like this in your house, you’d better be careful. Declutter your house is a first step to prevent ringworm spores to infect anybody in your house.

Another thing is, since ringworm is highly contagious, this condition can be caused by other infected animals (or humans). If you don’t quarantine the affected cats, within a week the ringworm spores will spread and contaminate the other living creatures.

Your vet may recommend you to isolate your cat in one particular room, because it’s easier for you to take care of one room only rather than the entire house.

Thus, indirect cause of ringworm is infectious environment. It’s highly recommended to vacuum and damp mop the surface. Remember, ringworm spores can survive in cat’s hair for a long time. That’s why making sure every household item you have is free from cat’s fur is important.

You should also sanitize every single thing which comes in contact with the affected cat. Grooming instruments, bedding, and such, should be soaked in boiled water and washed with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal soap.

If you think one particular item is heavily infected because it has been in contact with the cat for a very long time, it’s better to throw it away rather than washing it.

How to Cure a Ringworm

how to cure a ringworm

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Since ringworm is caused by a fungi, you can use topical treatments which contains anti-fungal substances. Shampoo, rinse, and cream is widely used for mild case of ringworm and for shorthaired cats.

Shampooing your cat everyday and applying anti-fungal cream 6 times a day is highly recommended. To double the effect, you can also use oral treatment. Griseofulvin is a widely used drug for this.

To completely overcome ringworm, you should be aggressive when treating it. Sometimes it’s not enough to only use topical treatment, you have to combine it with oral treatment as well. Within the first week, you may not see any improvement. Yet, in the following weeks, your cat may get better.

Warning: never discontinue treatment within a week, or before you’re sure the cat is completely cured. If not, the ringworm spores will strike back again.

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