recommended ear mites medicine for cats


Recommended Ear Mites Medicine for Cats

July 11, 2016

If you suspect your cat is infected by ear mites, it’s better to take control as soon as possible. It’s because ear mites are highly contagious. Don’t let the other pets in your house be infected (even though it’s not possible for cat’s ear mites to infect human).

There are over the counter products which you can use to treat infection of cat’s ear mites. However, somehow they are less effective compared to drugs prescribed by the vet. So, it’s important to consult with your vet first before using any kind of drug.

Natural Treatments

natural treatments ear mites for cats


Despite the vet’s prescription, there are some cat owners who use natural treatment to kill ear mites. Even though for some people natural treatment may take a long time to kick in and considered less effective, but those who use it swore that they can kill ear mites as effective as the chemical drugs.

Olive oil and baby oil are considered as natural treatment for this. You just have to warm up the oil in the stove, and after it’s warm enough to be applied, drip several drops to your cat’s ear. Massage the base of the neck for about 3 minutes for the oil to seep into the skin.

Another alternative is using garlic. Take 4 cloves of garlic, and then crush them. The crushed garlic should be soaked in a bowl of olive oil. Let it stay overnight. In the next morning, remove the garlic and heat the oil in the stove. After it’s warm enough to be applied to a skin, drip several drops into your cat’s ear.

Olive oil and garlic is known as an anti-bacterial agents, which can kill parasites like ticks, mites, fleas, and such. Olive oil can also drown the mites, so they will die of suffocation.

Over the Counter Products

over the counter products, ear mites for cats


Revolution is a widely used treatment when it comes to ear mites medicine for cats. This treatment can work both in the surface and internal ear canal. Plus, Revolution will not only kill the ear mites, but also control them.

So, you can repeat the medication once in a week with this medication even after your cat has completely healed to prevent future reinfection.

Eradimite Ear Mites Treatment is another alternative. The good thing is, this product is not only for cats, but also for rabbits and dogs. Eradimite can be used for baby animal over 12-week old.

This treatment contains aloe vera which is a natural ingredient to kill bacteria and microscopic parasites. This product is recommended if you have more than 1 pet in the house and you want to treat them all at the same time.

Otomite Plus is another choice. This is the gentle, safe, and effective treatment for cats, even for kittens. This product is non-irritating and non-greasy, with a high content of pyrethrin. So ear mites can be killed without adding further infection.

No matter what kind of ear mites medicines for cats you use, always remember to clean the cat’s ears before treating them, so whatever treatment you use, it will be effective to kill the mites.

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