the best ear mites treatment for cats


The Best Ear Mites Treatment for Cats

July 11, 2016

Ear mites infection is a condition which can affect pets, like cats, dogs, even rabbits and ferrets. Even though this condition is not considerably lethal, but still it is still damaging your cat’s body, especially ears.

You should also know that this condition is highly contagious. So, even though it cannot contaminate human, but other pets are still risky to be contaminated. If you have more than one pet in the house, and one of them is infected by ear mites, it’s better to give the others medication as well for the prevention.

The Cleaning Process

cleaning process, ear mites treatment for cats


There are various over the counter products which you can easily get. The best ear mites treatment for cats should contain pyrethrin; the substance that can effectively kill ear mites instantly.

The treatment is commonly formed in ear drops. However, treating the cats infected ear mites is not as easy as dripping ear drops everyday. There are other steps you need to follow as well.

First, make sure to always clean the ears of the cat. Why it is important? Because commonly ear mites infection makes the cat produce earwax excessively. And the earwax can act as a shield for the mites. So, the medication may not as effective as you expected before.

When cleaning the ears, there are many over the counter ear cleaners products for cats as well, like Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner, Nolvasan Otic, or Oti-Clens. Those have non-toxic cleaning substance which are safe even for kittens.

Prepare a cotton ball, and drip the cleaners to cotton ball before wiping your cat’s ear canal with it. When cleaning your cat’s ear, make sure you do it gently. Don’t let the cat move away or struggle to go away, because you may accidentally push the cotton in too deep the ear canal.

Alternatively, you can also use baby oil or mineral oil to clean your cat’s ear. The oils are useful to not only clean the build-up debris and bacteria in your cat’s ear, but also to drown the mites so they can instantly die of suffocation.

The cleaning process should be done 1 hour prior before the treatment to make sure it is effective.

The Treatment

ear mites treatment for cats


For the treatment, after dripping the ear drops (the amount of drops should be instructed by the vet, or based on the label), don’t let the cat go away. You need to massage the base of the ear for about 3-5 minutes.

The massage is to make sure that the ear drops will really get absorbed by the skin. Let your cat shake its head as well. It will help the absorption as well. This treatment should be conducted everyday as instructed by the vet.

Commonly, if you regularly treat the cat based on the vet’s instruction, you’ll see the improvement in a week. If it persists, better go back to the vet again, because some cats are known allergic to pyrethrin and can’t handle the treatment very well.

Always repeat the ear drops treatment every once in a month, even when your cat has completely healed, to prevent reinfection.

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