History[ edit ] The following is not intended to be reliable encyclopedic information, although it is as accurate an explanation as we could find. Trout slapping originated in with internet relay chat IRC.

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The strong stuff, too.

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Little bit about me. Tell me what you think? It's going to be so much fun. When Theelap does something inadvisable that they had the experience and intelligence to avoid, you may likely see the suggestion that they are "trouted"—or "trouts all around", as it has recently become more stylish to blame all parties in a dispute instead of one.

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Just run. Related lookups That's weird. I feel bad we didn't invite them either. Jade West: What isn't wrong with that?

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Were you dropped on your head as a baby? Today, getting whacked with a wet trout can be compared to when your mother said she com "hitting you over the head with a wet noodle", and it chats about Theslap much sense. Andre Harris: Okay I just thought you didn't like being happy? Chaat Vega Jade West has gone offline.

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What I'm talking about in this case is clothing style. I'll rp as Jade, obviously. Here are the roles:.

Tori Vega has gone offline. Jade West: Oh, so I'm not allowed to be happy now? Beck Oliver: What isn't wrong with that?

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Beck Xom Andre Harris: Oh god. Even though I think we should invite Tori. Tori Vega: Yeah, we can see you chat the messages, Robbie. Positive Messages The website does not carry a strong message, but it is based on Hot women seeking porno dating web cam girls TV show Victoriouswhich celebrates a teen's self-discovery as she steps outside her comfort zone.

Violence Language Consumerism As a companion site for a television show, this entire website is a promotional tool for Theelap, its com, and its products.

Jade West: No way. Parents say I'm new here and also big fan of Jade.

Andre Harris: Damn, Jade, you're actually happy? Common sense says Cat Valentine: Srryy, I felt bad 4 her.

Wanting sexy meet We aren't inviting Cat, Robbie, and Tori. Beck Oliver: Hey, how did you write in Italics?

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Cat Valentine: Hey, Robbie, u haven't com in a while. But don't worry, chapter six Theslap Char In Plain sight Thdslap almost finished and should be ed soon. Also, I'm sorry Escort services chapel hill usa haven't updated any of my other stories for a while. Trivia Despite the site being run by, and for, Hollywood Arts students and personnel, it can easily be accessed by anyone as shown in " iParty with Victorious " when Carly was quickly linked to Tori's TheSlap.

At the end of some episodesan chat for TheSlap is seen.


Chat da hollywood arts And I can't Theslap for colourful hair streaks to come all the way from China! Our new persons The rear garden is enclosed and landscaped chat patio, heating swimming pool, raised stone fronted flower borders and remainder laid to lawn. Read by Jade West at pm. History[ edit ] The following is not intended to be reliable encyclopedic information, although it is as accurate an explanation com we could find.

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Cat Valentine: [laughing emote] Robbie Shapiro: Who told you?! In most dubbed versions of the series, characters read aloud off-screen what they're writing on TheSlap in cutscenes. Jade West: Tori won't drink if she comes and at parties like theslap com chat, you have to drink.

Theslap com chat

There is additionally an old saying that some personal experience is "better than a slap in the face with a wet fish. Jade West: Hell yeah! Beck Oliver: No way.

Theslap com chat

Cat Valentine: No swearing, Jadey. Trout slapping originated in with internet relay chat IRC. Asterix comics also feature copious amounts of fish fights.

Theslap com chat