trimming cat claws and how to do it


Trimming Cat Claws and How to Do It

July 14, 2016

Trimming cat claws is one of the grooming service we can do to our four-legged friends. Plus, this can be our way to avoid accident like unintentionally get clawed while playing together, or getting your furniture scratched.

It’s not only for you, but trimming cat claws are beneficial for the cats as well. Cats need their claws and nails to be as healthy as possible to do their normal activities. Therefore, you are responsible to regularly check your cat’s paws and nails condition plus clean it to avoid any kind of wound.

things you should do in cat’s paws care


Things You Should Do in Cat’s Paws Care

The Nail Care

the nail care


If your cats keep running away if they see you come with clippers, it means they are not comfortable with the way you trim their claws. If this happens, you should make sure to make them comfortable first. Here are some steps you may need.

Why You Should Trim Your Cat’s Claws

why you should trim your cat’s claws


Most people ask their vet whether clipping the claws would keep the cat from scratching the furniture or items in the house. If no, then what’s the use of clipping anyway?

In fact, clipping or trimming the nail is not only necessary for you, but also for the cat’s health. And it’s a better alternative than declawing. The point of clipping is to remove the sharpest tip in your cat’s claws.

Even though clipping the nails won’t be completely keep your cat from scratching the furniture, but at least you can minimize the damage. When your cat scratches your sofa with short claws, there will be less damage.

However, it’s not the main reason why you need to regularly clip your cat’s claws. Remember, redirecting your cat’s desire to scratch is easy. Just put some scratching posts within their reach and your problem will be solved.

So, what’s the main reason then? Simply because it will make both your cat’s life and yours more comfortable. Cats like to knead, especially to their favorite persons. And you surely wouldn’t want the sharp tips of your cat’s claws accidentally hurt you while you cat is showing you its affection.

Clipping the claws of your cat will make this loving gesture be enjoyable. You won’t be screaming while being kneaded by your cat, and your cat won’t get hurt either (who doesn’t get hurt when they try to show their affection but the object screams?)

Plus, the probability of your cat’s claws get stuck in the fiber of your carpet will be minimized as well. When your cat’s claws get stuck in your furniture, chances are they will be broken. And this will be more painful than just clipping the claws for the cats.

Familiarize Your Cats with Clippers

familiarize your cats with clippers


It’s actually normal that cats are afraid of most of our belongings, like hair dryers, blender, juicer, vacuum cleaner, and such. It doesn’t limit to only electronic items only, but also things producing sounds, like clippers.

Can you imagine how hard it will be to get your cat’s claws clipped while in fact the cat itself is afraid of the clippers? But fortunately, there are some smart ways you can do to familiarize your cat with clippers.

First, it’s much better if it’s still a kitten. Familiarizing a cat with clippers should be started as young as possible. So later on, when your kitten has grown up, it will not be afraid again with clippers. Yet, even if you begin today with your grown-up cat, the problem will not be much to handle.

It’s recommended to used special clipper which was specially made for feline. It is available in the pet store. But if you don’t have one, you can always use your usual clipper. Feline clipper is smaller than usual clipper, thus it will be easier to use. However, it’s not really important. Just make sure that it’s sharp enough to trim the tips of the claws in only one clip.

Changing blade regularly or even changing the whole clipper is recommended if you want to trim your cat’s claws every two weeks.

After preparing the clippers, you just have to put your cat on your lap. Make sure your cat is not in a bad mood. It’s best to do this when your cat is already full after eating.

You should also do this in a room where distraction can be minimized. A closed and quiet room is what you need in this case. Don’t let your cat able to see the neighborhood cats or wild birds in the windows.

trimming cat claws


Next, show it the clippers. Bring something crunchy which is able to be clipped by clippers. It can be uncooked spaghetti or noodles. Now, you just have to clip the item right in front of your cat. You have to be sure that your cat knows the clippers are safe enough for it.

Don’t forget to prepare the treat as well. Put the treat near the clippers. This is another way to familiarize your cat with clippers. With that, it will know that clippers are not dangerous. Make a good association between clippers and treat so that your cat understands it’s safe.

You can keep giving a positive reinforcement by giving treat to your cat after clipping two claws. Never clipping claws all at once without giving it rewards. With that, your cat won’t be afraid of clippers anymore. On the contrary, he will long for the time when you’re going to trim his nails again (cats always like extra foods).

If you are new in adopting and taking care of cats, it’s always good to let the vet or groomer do the grooming for you. Make sure you take your cat to the vet or groomer twice a month to get a full clean (anti fungal bathe) as well as trimming the nails and hair between the toes.

It’s also OK if you want to try clipping the nails by yourself. At first, it may be a bit scary and you may be worried accidentally cut the quick. But not long after that, you’ll get used to it. It’s recommended to always prepare stick and styptic powder just in case something bad happens.

Don’t panic if your cat’s bleeding because you accidentally cut the quick. Somehow cats can sense the emotion of human. If you show panicky, chances are your cat will not be calm either. You can stop the bleeding with styptic powder and calm your cat at the same time. It won’t take long until your cat feel safe again.

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