what is FIV in cats and how to know if your cat is FIV-positive

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What is Fiv in Cats and How to Know If Your Cat is FIV-Positive

July 17, 2016

If humans can be infected by HIV, cats can be infected by FIV. Upon hearing the word FIV, you might instantly wonder what is FIV in cats if you haven’t known about the virus. FIV stands for feline immunodeficiency virus. It means that FIV is more or less the same with HIV. If HIV attacks humans, FIV attacks cats.

How Do Cats Get Infected by FIV

how do cats get infected by FIV

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Cats get infected by the feline immunodeficiency when FIV-positive cats bite them. The virus can transmitted through saliva and thus, it’s important to prevent fights between your healthy cats with FIV-positive cats.

The virus can also be transmitted through blood transmission so it’s important to prevent your cats from fighting positive cats to avoid risks of the positive cats’ blood getting transmitted to your cat.

The virus can also be transmitted in the utero. Getting transmitted in the utero is not the last way in which the virus can get transmitted from a cat to another.

The virus can also be transmitted through milk. Of course, the milk we’re talking about here is the milk of an infected cat. An infected cat can transmit the virus to another cat through breastfeeding. The virus can enter a healthy cat’s body in more than one way.

FIV Symptoms

FIV symptoms

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There are a number of symptoms which can indicate that it’s time to bring your cat to your veterinarian to find out whether your cat has FIV or not.

The symptoms include fever, poor appetite, weight loss, anemia, disheveled coat, and diarrhea. There are also two things which can indicate that it’s time for you to go to your veterinarian with your cat.

You should be very careful if your cat’s lymph nodes enlarge. You should also be careful if there is an inflammation or an abnormal appearance on your cat’s eye. Make sure you immediately meet your veterinarian if you see one of those things happening to your cat.

How to Tell Whether Your Cat Has FIV or Not

how to tell whether your cat has FIV or not

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If you are worried about your cat’s condition and you want to know whether he or she has FIV or not, you have to do a blood test. Have your cat take a blood test because currently it’s the only method you can use to know whether your cat has the virus or not.

FIV Transmission to Humans

FIV transmission to humans

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You might wonder whether FIV can be transmitted to humans or not. Don’t worry because humans cannot be infected by FIV. Likewise, cats cannot be infected by HIV as well.

Is FIV Contagious?

is FIV contagious

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One of the frightening things is the fact that FIV is contagious among cats. An FIV-positive cat can infect a healthy cat through saliva, blood transmission, and breastfeeding. As stated earlier, the virus can also be transmitted in the utero.

Is It Okay to Adopt an FIV-Positive Cat?

is it okay to adopt an FIV-positive cat

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Adopting an FIV-positive cat is not a bad thing to do. However, if you adopt an FIV-positive cat, you should prevent him or her from fighting your healthy cats to avoid virus transmission risks. Consider having the cats stay in separate rooms if you’re not confident enough that they won’t fight the moment they meet each other.

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