why do male cats spray in the house

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Why Do Male Cats Spray in the House?

July 12, 2016

You may find some urine marks inside your house which smell unpleasantly if you have a male cat, especially if it is more than one. It’s called spraying; a small amount of urine which was sprayed by a male cat. If you are a new in adopting cat, the question why do male cats spray often arise.

First, you have to know that spraying is not litter box problem. Your cat may have more than one litter boxes and still it sprays. Your cat may deposit its body discharge in its litter box, but still it sprays. So, it’s useless to get rid of this problem by using methods of overcoming litter box problem.

Here are the top reasons why your cats male spray.

Why Cats Spray

why cats spray

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The most reason is because it’s hormonal, and it’s a common nature for male cats to announce their reproductive availability to female cats, even though you don’t have female cats in the house. Hormone plays a part in this problem.

That is why most cat owners usually neuter or spay their male cats to stop them from spraying. Once your cat has been neutered or spayed, they will lose their ability and desire to announce their reproductive availability to female cats, because they couldn’t reproduce anymore.

Another reason is because there’s anxiety and stress. Cats become anxious and stress if there are other pets in the household. Cats, unlike dogs, are solitary animal. They like their places for their own only. So when there’s another male cat, they have to mark their territory by spraying their urine in that spot.

Even when you don’t have another pet in your household, your cat may still be spraying. That’s because there are wild cats around your house, and your cat can see them. And cats don’t understand that the other cats won’t come into the house. So they still spray.

why do male cats spray

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The solution is, you have to provide more than one less crowded spaces for each of your cat to rest and withdraw. If they lack of their own spaces, cats will trespass other boundaries and it can increase the level of anxiety in them. Thus, they have to spray.

You should also close the doors and windows, and even shut the blinds and curtains to make sure your cat won’t see the other cats outside the house. With this, your cat won’t feel threatened again and can feel safe and secured.

Changing a cat’s environment can also trigger stress and anxiety. This can happen if you move to a new house or if your rearrange furniture pieces in your house. Cats like familiarity and dislike changes.

So minimize changes in their environment. If you move to a new house, you can buy an artificial cat’s pheromone which you can spray or diffuse in all over the room. The pheromone can make your cat feel relaxed, safe, and secured so they won’t spray.

One thing for sure, when cleaning the spraying spot, never use ammonia-based cleaners because cat’s urine also contain ammonia, and if they still smell it, they will spray again in the same spot.

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